The Queen cancels Prince Andrew's birthday



    He will be 93 but the Queen Elizabeth II he knows very well how to take his children by the ears. And he clearly demonstrated it. The matriarch of the Royal Family, perhaps the last and only custodian of the deep meanings (of meaning, responsibility and etiquette) that the English monarchy has decided to give a strong signal about the scandals that are overwhelming the Prince Andrew.

    Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II

    © Max Mumby / Indigo

    After seeing the name of his son emerge in the investigation into the trafficking of juvenile prostitutes set up by the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, after witnessing the interview on the BBC released by his son to defend himself that, from many sides, was defined as “embarrassing”, now the Queen has literally decided to punish Andrew.

    Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew

    © Max Mumby / Indigo

    On the one hand there was the decision of the Duke of York, at this point we ask ourselves how “personal”, of withdraw from public commitments, on the other hand the news arrives today that the Queen herself would have canceled the feast for the Prince's 60 years that she herself had organized. No party, no guests, just a family dinner to keep Andrew from the public spotlight. What is a good strategy? Or is it just punishment?


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