The Most Colorful Hair Moments From The 2019 Bronner Bros. Mid-Summer Beauty Show



    Street Style X Bronner Bros 2019 Mid-Summer
    Photo Credit: Hannah Aryee

    When it comes to hair theatrics, Bronner Bros. Beauty Show never fails to represent. Whether it’s kick-ass competitions with upside-down hair cuts or on-stage demos giving us color and braid life, you’re sure to be in for a treat.

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    But, don’t get it twisted, even the attendees know how to push through with colorful and creative flair. Hairstylists, brand models and beauty lovers alike hit the floor for shopping and hair fun while rocking all sorts of double-take and double-tap worthy looks.

    Swipe through for everything from buzzed leopard fades and Rastafarian-inspired Bantu knots to towering buns and colored undercuts.


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