Revelot automatic watch inspired by jet fighters



    REVELOT automatic watch inspired by jet fighters

    Independent watch and accessories design company Revelot have created a new automatic watch inspired by jet fighters in the form of the R7 Avantgarde mechanical automatic watch sporting a design that “encapsulates the past and the future” say it’s creators. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the automatic watch which is priced under $250 and now available via Kickstarter.

    automatic watch

    The design and engineering team at Revelot explain more about the design inspiration behind their latest automatic watch. “Our inspiration comes from retro vintage art forms and designs, hence this bring us to design our next watch. It is called the Avantgarde R7 and we are excited to bring you along on the journey of making it a reality. It was late 2017 when we stumbled upon an abandoned aircraft hangar in Japan during our business visit to a watch making factory. “

    “The combination of elements of the dystopian aircraft hangar and the fine craftsmanship of Japanese watchmaking led us to design the R7 Avantgarde. We work tirelessly for the past year to design and build the prototype. Finally we are proud to present you with our finest creation. In 2018, we did a small batch release of the R7 to test out the market, and it was sold out within a month. We have received many positive comments about the watch and we have a long waiting list ever since.”

    Source: Kickstarter

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