Pangaia throws the duvet made with flowers (not feathers)



    FLWRDWN by Pangaia: here are the quilts made with flowers (not feathers)

    The cold season has officially begun. New York has already had its first snowstorm. And in Milan we expect the first snowfall in a few hours. All ready then with the hottest quilts!

    But if we want a green garment, the choice is not simple: often traditional goose down requires some form of animal cruelty (birds can sometimes be plucked alive or killed for their feathers). And with the vegan alternative it doesn't go much better: there are petroleum-based synthetics, like polyester. It is not biodegradable and loses microplastics.

    The product

    Today Pangaia, a company founded last year with the aim of designing a better future in fashion on a scientific basis, has just launched a collection of biodegradable quilts and padded items really special. Is called FLWRDWN (a contraction of Flower down, flowers down): on the outside a layer taken from the fish skin full of natural wild flowers. IS a sustainable solution that it is neither cruel to animals nor to the planet; in addition to being ultra-light, soft and hypoallergenic, the garment is 100% biodegradable.

    “This innovation has the potential to change the entire industry,” Amanda Parkes, Ph.D., Pangaia Chief Innovation Officer told “The traditional feather industry has many problems, but vegan options come from oil. Using recycled plastics for upholstery can be a good way to rid the seas of pollution but still these products still emit microplastics (in laundry). Moreover we increasingly use duvets, even at home with cushions, quilts … So finding this padding made from flowers with the same thermal properties of the feather and the same soft naturalness can be a real solution ».

    FLWRDWN is undoubtedly the most revolutionary solution of Pangaia, which has already launched this year sweatshirts in recycled cotton, algae fiber t-shirts and naturally dyed basic garments.

    The company

    What sets Pangaia apart from other sustainable and ethical brands is that its mission is not to create exclusive materials and products; instead, it works as an open source platform, in collaboration with scientists and innovators from around the world to make these solutions available to everyone.

    One of the research laboratories supported by Pangaia is located in Italy, and it is here that FLWRDWN was invented, which means that other companies could use this same innovation for their products.

    Parkes added. «We gladly work with start-ups to try to combine different technologies: in this patent there is a bio-based polymer that we have developed to keep the petals together thanks to an aerogel, which is a really high-tech substance. The development took a long time because everything had to be completely biodegradable »


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