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Christmas 2019: the most beautiful decorated trees in Paris



All the most beautiful Christmas trees in Paris

Christmas is shortly gone, and the festive atmosphere has transformed Paris and, for the holidays, into one giant skating rink at the Grand Palais, it is “populated” with beautiful Christmas trees. Look at the most beautiful of this end 2019, set up in the big hotels of the French capital: from the Ritz to Lutetia, to the Four Season George V.

The Ritz Christmas tree

After unveiling it wooden chalet by Chanel, where you can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate in place Vendôme (a similar one is also found in New York), the Ritz he decorated his Christmas tree. Decorated with blue bows and silver boules, it brightens up the stairs of the hotel every year.

The decorated fir of the Four Seasons Hôtel George V

Made under the supervision of Jeff Leatham, the florist of the stars that creates the most incredible scenery (especially for the Kardashian), the Christmas tree of Four Seasons Hotel George V it is different from all the others. In a white room, it towers over a mountain of golden Christmas balls, updating the concept of Christmas decorations.

The tree of the Four Seasons Hôtel George V

© Guillermo Aniel-Quiroga

The Bristol tree

This winter the Parisian palace has created a real “forest” of Christmas trees lit with garlands and golden bows. Located right in the heart of Bristol, it gives a touch of glamor to the entire grand hotel.

Lutetia's Christmas tree

Decorated with branches, garlands and miniature hot air balloons, the tree of Lutetia takes its visitors to an enchanted kingdom. To be combined with a visit to the spa Akasha which offers a perfect wellness box to give away (and to give yourself).

The Lutetia tree

© Arnaud Mallez

The fir of the Plaza Athénée

Designed to blend in with the colors of the Avenue Montagne building, the Plaza Athénée's Christmas tree reigns supreme in the center of the lobby. Surrounded by crown-shaped decorations, it can be admired while drinking a tea or before skating on the hotel's private ice rink (yes, that's right bene).

The tree of the Plaza Athénée

© Francis Amiand RANCIS AMIAND

The Christmas house of the Cour des Vosges hotel

Recently opened in the square of the same name, Le Cour des Vosges, last hotel of the group Evok (Le Sinner, Le Brach …) celebrates his first Christmas. On the ground floor, the Christmas fir has been decorated in shades of blue and silver.

The tree of the Cour des Vosges

Also look at Louboutin's Christmas tree and train

This article was originally published here

Avoid These Common Kitchen Design Mistakes!



The kitchen is probably the room that you use the most, and it’s very important that you get the design and décor right. When it comes to designing your kitchen, there are a few common mistakes that you may want to avoid!

Not Planning Your Layout and Workflow

The way you plan to place the sink, stove and refrigerator are critical and it affects the functionality of your kitchen. Ideally, these units should be placed at three corners of a triangle (called the Golden Triangle) which are no more than three feet apart, for optimum efficiency. Try to place your appliances closest to where you will use them. For instance, the mixer grinder should be near the food prep area, while the microwave, OTG and cooktop will be in the cooking area. Keep spices, oil and condiments as close to the stove as possible. Cutlery, crockery and utensils will be in the pantry which is ideally placed as close to the dining area as possible.

Underestimating Your Storage Needs

There’s no such thing as too much storage in any room, and especially so in the kitchen! It’s a good idea to make a list of everything you need to store, right from appliances and gadgets to the smallest spoon in your collection. Figure out where you will store everything and try to put the appliances out of sight when not in use. Plan some open shelves on either side of the cooktop for small items that you need to access often.

#Storage Tip: You can hang ladles and pans on a rack or on hooks below your top cabinets to save space.

Not Planning Your Budget Carefully

It’s always good to have your budget in mind right at the outset, so that you know what you can afford and how the expected flow of money will be. Do not keep adding items or changing your mind during the execution of the work, as every little change will cost you extra and you may find that you run out of money in between, which will delay the handover of the project and impact the finishes.

Not Being Practical Enough

You may have fallen in love with the spacious double door refrigerator that your friend has in her home, but will it fit in your tiny kitchen? Take measurements of the available space, and leave enough space to manoeuvre. Plan to have at least three to four feet of space in between two countertops that are parallel to each other, so that you can easily open the doors of appliances.

Not Working Out A Good Lighting Plan

Your kitchen should be well lit with functional as well as aesthetic lights. You will need task lighting below the counters for meal prep, pendant lights above the breakfast counter and perhaps a lighting grid above the dining table. If you have glass cabinet shutters, plan to have LED lights inside the cabinets to show off your collection of fine crockery. Yellow lighting is warm and creates a lovely ambience, while white light is functional and practical.

Forgetting About The Utilities

The plumbing fittings and electrical lines should be planned well ahead of time. Are you planning to have a small geyser fitted in the kitchen? Where will your water purifier go? The microwave, OTG, geyser and dishwasher require 15 amps power, while the refrigerator, cooking hob and chimney use 5 amps only. If you are using a bread maker and a mixer-grinder, plan to have 5 amps sockets in a convenient location. Are you using a regular gas cylinder or piped gas? Make sure that your layout incorporates fine details of all these utilities at the outset, so that you can avoid rework which could prove expensive.

Not Planning Smart!

Instead of just having plain cutlery drawers, get drawer organizers that neatly compartmentalize what goes inside your drawers. You will be able to put things away neatly and find anything you need in a jiffy. Deep drawers also come with pot separators that can be adjusted to the size of your larger utensils.

Not Choosing The Colour Scheme That You Love!

Some designs and colours may look gorgeous in a brochure, but when you see the finishes in person you may not like the way they look. Ask for samples of the finishes you can expect, and if your designer can show you a mock up kitchen, you will be able to get a very real idea of what your completed kitchen will look like. White countertops look lovely but can be hard to maintain, especially with the oil and fumes that you can expect to have in Indian cooking!

Wasting The Available Space

There are many accessories available in the market that allow you to use every inch of available space for storage. If you have corners that are being underutilised, consider adding some corner carousel units that rotate on a pivot to allow you to access far corners easily. There are magic corner units that slide out to maximize the storage space available. A tall unit that has floor-to-ceiling storage can be used to store your groceries. Pull-out drawers can help you to reach deep under the counter, and are more convenient than fixed shelves.

Not Paying Enough Attention to Hardware

The channels you use for drawers should be heavy duty and designed to bear the load of the groceries or utensils you will be storing. Channels that are overloaded will not last long and will need to be replaced soon. Pay attention to the kind of handles you want to use. Do you want horizontal or vertical bar handles, knobs or press-to-open locks? Would you prefer lift-to-open , shutters that slide, or the regular hinged shutters? The kind of hardware you choose will also affect the aesthetics of your design.

Skimping on Materials

Your kitchen should stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and for this the materials you choose should be durable. You might find kitchen providers who could offer you a fancy looking kitchen for a lower price, but they might be skimping on the quality of materials. Your kitchen will need to withstand a lot of heat and moisture, so use only good quality boiling water resistant boards. Poor quality cheap material might look good in the beginning, but will not last as long as you would like.

Not Getting the Experts in Your Corner!

Even though you may have taken notes from all your relatives and friends who have had their home interiors done, designing your own kitchen is not easy. This is where you should take the help of design experts like the Homelane team, who can take all the stress out of your project and make sure that you avoid costly mistakes. We help you to conceptualize and create the kitchen of your dreams, pick the right materials and finishes, and save you money in the long run. Take the right step—call a Homelane designer today!

The Best Apps and Games for iPhone in 2019



With 2019 coming to an end, that means we’ll start seeing all sorts of lists. If you’re looking for the best iPhone apps and games of 2019, then look no further than the source. Apple posted their list of the best in their newsroom.

Best iPhone Apps

“Developers around the world inspire us all with innovative apps that have the power to influence culture and change our lives, and this year is as true as ever,” says Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing for Apple. “The 2019 App Store Best Apps and Games winners reflect our global desire for connection, creativity and fun. We are excited to announce such a diverse group of 2019 App Store winners, showing that great design and creativity comes from developers large and small, and from every corner of the world.”

Best iPhone Apps games

Leading out the group of bests apps is Spectre Camera, from Lux Optics. The AI-powered app was named the best iPhone App of the Year for its ability to “let anyone take stunning long-exposure photos.” Claiming the iPad App of the Year is Moleskine’s Flow by Moleskine. The app lets you draw and sketch with pencils and markers that closely mimic the real thing. The Mac App of the Year went to Affinity Publisher from Serif Labs, which makes “pro-level design accessible to everyone.” You can use Affinity to create everything from coffee table books to flyers. For entertainment on the Apple TV, you’ll want to turn to The Explorers from The Explorers Network, where a community of explorers, artists, and scientists are creating a “visual inventory” of the natural world.

Of course, what you’re really interested in was who took honors as the best game. For the iPhone that was Sky: Children of Light from that game company. Hyper Light Drifter by Abylight S.L. won iPad Game of the Year, while GRIS from Devolver and Nomada Studio won Mac Game of the Year. Finally, Apple TV’s Game of the Year was Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap by DotEmu.

The list reports of plenty of other apps, but these were the top winners according to Apple, who just might know a thing or two about the best apps and games for Apple in 2019.

Check out the full list of the most downloaded Apple apps in 2019 below:

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps in 2019

  1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. TikTok – Make Your Day
  5. Messenger
  6. Gmail – Email by Google
  7. Netflix
  8. Facebook
  9. Google Maps – Transit & Food
  10. Amazon – Shopping made easy

Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps in 2019

  1. Facetune
  2. HotSchedules
  3. Dark Sky Weather
  4. The Wonder Weeks
  5. AutoSleep Tracker for Watch
  6. TouchRetouch
  7. Afterlight – Photo Editor
  8. Procreate Pocket
  9. Sky Guide
  10. Toca Hair Salon 3

Top 10 Free iPad Apps in 2019

  1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies
  6. Messenger
  7. Gmail – Email by Google
  8. Facebook
  9. TikTok – Make Your Day
  10. Calculator

Top 10 Paid iPad Apps in 2019

  1. Procreate
  2. Notability
  3. GoodNotes 5
  4. Duet Display
  5. Toca Hair Salon 3
  6. Toca Life: Neighborhood
  7. XtraMath
  8. PDF Expert 7: PDF Editor
  9. LumaFusion
  10. Affinity Designer

Top 10 Free iPhone Games in 2019

  1. Mario Kart Tour
  2. Color Bump 3D
  3. aquapark.io
  4. Call of Duty: Mobile
  5. BitLife – Life Simulator
  6. Polysphere – art of puzzle
  7. Wordscapes
  8. Fortnite
  9. Roller Splat!
  10. AMAZE!!

Top 10 Paid iPhone Games in 2019

  1. Minecraft
  2. Heads Up!
  3. Plague Inc.
  4. Bloons TD 6
  5. Geometry Dash
  6. Rebel Inc.
  7. The Game of Life
  8. Stardew Valley
  9. Bloons TD 5
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Top 10 Free iPad Games in 2019

  1. Roblox
  2. aquapark.io
  3. Paper.io 2
  4. Color Bump 3D
  5. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
  6. Fortnite
  7. Polysphere – art of puzzle
  8. Wordscapes
  9. Tiles Hop – EDM Rush
  10. Helix Jump

Top Paid iPad Games in 2019

  1. Minecraft
  2. Geometry Dash
  3. Bloons TD 6
  4. Plague Inc.
  5. Amazing Frog?
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. The Game of Life
  8. Heads Up!
  9. Terraria
  10. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Check out the full list of top Apple Apps in 2019 here and the full list of top Apple Games in 2019 here.

Women Who Live Near Green Space are Less Likely to be Overweight or Obese : Health & Medicine : Nature World News



Dec 17, 2019 10:46 AM EST

Barcelona, 17 December 2019. Women who live less than 300 metres from green space may be at lower risk of excess weight or obesity. This is the main finding of a study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), a centre supported by “la Caixa”, and published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health.

Using information from the MCC-Spain multi-case control study, the researchers analysed data on 2,354 people from seven Spanish provinces (Asturias, Barcelona, Cantabria, Madrid, Murcia, Navarre and Valencia). The study participants, who ranged in age from 20 to 85 years, answered survey questions about their residential history, lifestyle (physical activity, leisure time, etc.), weight and height. In addition, hip and waist circumference was measured and blood or saliva samples were collected. To determine whether or not participants were overweight or obese, the researchers used two markers that are commonly used in epidemiologic studies: body mass index and waist-hip ratio.

The study found a strong association between overweight or obesity in women and lack of access to urban green spaces such as parks and gardens. However, no such association was found in men. “We do not have a clear understanding of the biological determinants behind the observed gender differences,” commented ISGlobal researcher Cristina O’Callaghan-Gordo, the lead author of the study. “There are probably social factors, such as differences in how men and women use green spaces, that explain this disparity.”

Using the DNA samples collected from the participants’ saliva and blood, the researchers analysed the role of genetics in this association. “We studied genetic polymorphisms that have been associated with obesity in previous research,” commented O’Callaghan-Gordo. “In general, we observed a more marked reduction in risk of obesity in people with a genetic predisposition to this condition. This finding points to the existence of gene-environment interactions that could either trigger or prevent excess weight gain.”

Overweight and Obesity: Catalysts of Disease

According to the World Health Organisation, in 2016 more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight. Of these, more than 650 million were obese–a preventable condition. “Excess weight is an important risk factor for various non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, various musculoskeletal disorders, and some types of cancer,” commented study leader Manolis Kogevinas, a researcher in the Non-communicable Diseases and Environment programme at ISGlobal. “It is also associated with increased all-cause mortality.”

Natural outdoor environments, including green spaces within urban settings, promote health and well-being by increasing levels of physical activity, reducing exposure to noise and reducing psychological stress, which is an important driver of weight gain. “This study highlights the important role played by green space in the risk of excess weight and obesity in Spanish women. Understanding the mechanisms that explain this association is crucial to plan effective and successful public health interventions,” concluded Kogevinas.

© 2018 NatureWorldNews.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.


Bourse du Talent Award | Vogue Italia



The National Library of France (BnF) displays the images created by the young photographers who won the Bourse du Talent award. The event, organized by Photographie.com and Picto Foundation, has become, over the years, an unmissable event dedicated to the recognition of the new emerging talents of contemporary photography. The award is divided into four sections: Portrait, Reportage, Fashion & transversality, Landscape.  Picto lab prints will enrich the collection of the BnF Department of Prints and Photography The awarded talents are: Nicola Bertasi, Alessandra Carosi, Huanfa Cheng, Matei Focseneanu, Tian Jin, Sébastien Leban, Nathalie Lescuyer, Nadège Mazars, Christophe Meireis, Flaminia Reposi, Nanjing Tang, Charles Xelot

We present here the Honourable mention in the Portrait section Alessandra Carosi, with her work “Reading the air”, A visual poem exploring the expression of emotion into Japanese society.

Reading the air by Alessandra Carosi

How can a Western translate the essence of the Japanese spirit? Beyond anthropology, Alessandra Carosi, European and Italian, speaks to us of a very intimate Japan. The one which is kept silent. The one that never reveals itself. Because even a flower will not tell you what it represents, 言 わ ぬ が 花. Thanks to photography Alessandra reveals the extreme Japanese gesture.  And there, without words, without superfluous discourses, her images flow through true human relationships, those that do not manifest themselves clearly, as the gaze goes elsewhere.

Closing your eyes by Alessandra Carosi

Photography perceives beyond words, embodies the Japanese motto of “Reading the air” 空 気 を 読 む, which means being able to understand a situation by sensing someone else’s feelings. Since in Japan people express way more with silence, it becomes necessary to read between the lines, understanding the situation without words. Photography with Alessandra Carosi turns itself into the spirit of Japan 気that this instant art captures so well.

Opening: Wednesday 18th December 6.30 PM from 20th December 2019/ to 29th March 2020
BnF François-Mitterrand Allée Julien Cain, Quai François-Mauriac, Paris
From Tuesday to Saturday 9>20 Sunday 13>19 Monday 14>20. Free entrance

I want to pierce my lip (middle lower labret ring) but i feel like my mouth is too small! should I do it, or is there a different facial piercing you’d suggest for me? (sry for terrible selfie)



submitted by /u/cafecortadito

Suicoke Spring/Summer 2020 Lookbook Collection



Quirky footwear imprint Suicoke has recently issued a variety of off-kilter shoes ranging from metal bit chukka boots to revamped geta sandals, but perhaps its most unusual offering to date is launching as part of its Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Amidst an array of classic strappy sandals and closed-toe clogs, the Japanese label has delivered a twist on Vibram’s infamous “toe shoes.”

Vibram, a longtime Suicoke partner, markets its FiveFingers silhouette — commonly referred to as “toe shoes” — as the ultimate minimalist running sneaker, though it has long been decried the world’s ugliest shoe. Suicoke’s twist on the divisive silhouette maintains the distinctive toes, upgrading the slip-on style with an ankle-height breathable bootie or tall shaft, depending on the style. The latter style is more similar to a boot, though both retain an easy-access tearaway closure on the rear and Vibram’s grippy rubber outsole for maximum traction.

Much of Suicoke’s other Spring/Summer 2020 offerings are comparatively conventional, with several recognizable silhouettes receiving only slight tweaks. For instance, the MOTO slide sandal is essentially unchanged, but it now sports a graphic hit on its technical strap. Similarly, the DEPA, KISEE and other timeless models return alongside new favorites like the TONO flip-flop and an espadrille style first seen as a mastermind WORLD collaboration.

Expect the new range to hit Suicoke’s web store and stockists like HBX early next year.

The cold weather hasn’t stopped various fashion brands from debuting progressive twists on the sandal; Vetements recently introduced its own anatomic take on the flip-flop.

This App Records the Sounds You Make in Your Sleep



Let’s be honest: we’ve all wondered, at one time or another, if we’re the kind of people who do weird things in our sleep. And if you’re dying to know what you say when you’re snoozin’, there’s an app for that! Prime Sleep Recorder allows you to hear what you sound like during the night. The easy-to-use app includes a “snore detection” feature that records only when there’s noise detected, an organization feature, and more. Users are already sharing the hilarious, sometimes nonsensical recordings they discover each morning — keep scrolling to check out some of the funniest ones, then try out the app yourself to see just what your brain gets up to while you’re fast asleep.

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