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Book Fairy costume recycled books skirt and wings made from a recycled books! Ge…


Book Fairy costume recycled books skirt and wings made from a recycled books! Genius. Halloween school play parade party

The Next NBA logo? NBA Logoman Series on Behance


The Next NBA logo? NBA Logoman Series on Behance

Barking Dog Leads Family To Burglar Hiding In Bedroom Closet, Thwarts Holiday Crime Spree



Barking Dog Leads Family To Burglar Hiding In Bedroom Closet, Thwarts Holiday Crime Spree

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It may have seemed like the perfect holiday evening, with a sparkling holiday tree, stockings hanging from the mantle, and snowflakes falling outside.

But unbeknownst to residents, there was also an intruder lurking in the house. And this Bad Santa, who was potentially just waiting for the right moment to steal all the holiday presents — or worse — was hiding inside their bedroom closet.

Luckily, the Wisconsin family also counted one four-legged, furry member — and he just wouldn’t stop barking at the bedroom closet. When the pooch refused to calm down, one of his pet parents tried to open the closet door, probably expecting to find a missing dog toy inside.

But the closet door wouldn’t budge. When the family looked down, they were startled to see somebody’s fingers were actually holding it shut! Then a man’s voice suddenly called out. “Ho, Ho, Ho,” the mystery visitor said, before warning home homeowners that further efforts to open the door would spoil their Christmas surprise.

But in the time it took to call 911, the mystery man managed to escape into a nearby garage, which he also robbed before breaking into a second residence. Fortunately, this house also had a dog living inside. The second pooch also sounded the alarm, foiling the thief’s second burglary attempt.

By now, police had followed the suspect’s footprints — which were clearly outlined in the snow — to a different garage, which the man was in the process of robbing. But when officers punched in the entry code, the suspect closed the door from inside. This dance continued a few times before officers managed to force their way inside, finally apprehending a 32-year-old suspect, Kabian B Coleman.

Colman — who later admitted to being high on drugs — swore that he was just about to turn himself in. Regardless, this very Bad Santa — who was eventually charged with resisting an officer and trespassing — may have gotten away with his devious scheme were it not for the vigilant pooches who thwarted his plans.

Thank goodness for dogs!! We hope both of these brave fur-babies get some steak for their holiday dinners.

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J. Swanson is a writer, traveler, and animal-enthusiast based in Seattle, an appropriately pet-crazed city where dog or cat ownership even outweighs the number of kids. When the weather permits, she likes to get outside and explore the rest of the Pacific Northwest, always with a coffee in hand.

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when da opps aint lookin :)



when da opps aint lookin :] submitted by /u/kawasaki2phone

Amazing Mondrian Inspired Bento Box Industrial Design



One of my favorite artists of all time is Piet Mondrian. He is known for being one of the pioneers of 20th-century abstract art, as he changed his artistic direction from figurative painting to an increasingly abstract style until he reached a point where his artistic vocabulary was reduced to simple geometric elements. That is exactly the phase I am the biggest fan. I painted a few pieces recreating some of his iconic pieces like the Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow from 1930 for example. So it’s not a surprise if every time I see something that resembles the master Mondrian it will inevitably catch my attention. That’s exactly the case of the industrial design for a  bento box, yes you read it right, created by Yum tang inspired by Mondrian.

Yum experiment with the idea of using Mondrian’s abstract geometry mixed with food colors to recreate the inspired Bento Box. It’s quite creative and definitely beautiful, especially the examples that she listed on her Behance profile. Mondrian’s abstract geometry mixed with food colors to recreate the inspired Bento Box

In addition to that, apparently there was a partnership with Thinkpad, I couldn’t understand quite well because the post was Chinese and the translation was a bit all over the place.

Industrial Design


Bento Box Design

For more information make sure to check out Yum Tang’s work at https://www.behance.net/yumyang


Men's Fashion 2020: pink outfits like Timothée Chalamet



Timothée Chalamet confirms pastel pink as the trend color for men's fashion of 2020

The actor of Little Women, on the occasion of the screening of his latest film at The Soho Hotel in London, he wore a baby pink velvet dress signed by the English designer Thom Browne. Chalamet has completed the outfit with white shirt and white leather sneakers. A spring-like ensemble for London's December, but perfect as an inspiration for the looks of the hot early days of 2020.

If you are looking forward to wearing a pink outfit before the warm weather arrives, that's enough match the pink garments with details and accessories in darker shades, like violet, red, gray or black.

Alexander McQueen (seen on mrporter.com)

Paul Smith (seen on mrporter.com)

6 Best Designer Sunglasses for Summer



Specsavers has just launched Australia’s largest range of designer sunglasses with over 150 new styles to choose from. Collaborating with world-famous brands and designers like HUGO, Alex Perry, Tommy Hilfiger, Super Dry, Quiksilver, Diesel and more, discerning gents are spoilt for choice when it comes to new summer styles.

Key pieces include urban frames in bold acetate; round frames are seriously on-trend right now, and there are updates to classics like aviators from Alex Perry and a range from Tommy Hilfiger that reflect the label’s youthful spirit.

“Sunglasses might be a small accessory, but they can have a large impact on your look,” says Yvy from the Specsavers product team.

“When it comes to choosing sunglasses, my tip is to find the right ones for you and your wardrobe and then make them work with your individual style.”

We’ve perused the new Specsavers range and selected six styles that are guaranteed to elevate your summer wardrobe and also do a bang-up job of protecting your eyes from the harsh southern sun, which is arguably just as important.

And if contact lenses are your thing, the Specsavers team are here to help. To ensure you don’t get caught short without your contacts when you need them the most this holiday season, make sure you sign up for automatic reordering with easypay. Just select the frequency of your re-order at the checkout – by doing this, you’ll also score free delivery on all your orders plus a free pair of glasses too!*

Man of Many’s Top Picks

specsavers sunglasses by hackett


The latest frames from Hackett are the perfect blend of timeless elegance and contemporary British design. Days spent at the beach require a pair of stylish shades, and this deep squared-edge design offers just that. Featuring slim dark blue acetate with a shiny finish, grey tips and the Hackett name etched on the bridges; these sunglasses elevate a style that has long been a summer staple.

Model: Hackett Sun RX 03
Price: 2 pairs from $199 single-vision

Buy it here

specsavers sunglasses by Hugo


Wherever you are, HUGO brings a dynamic flair to clothing and accessories, and this range of urban glasses for fashion-forward gents brings an acclaimed brand name to the beach, the boat, the barbeque and beyond. Keep a cool head with these black acetate sunnies that feature a smooth brow, flat-bottomed lenses and a shot of bright red on the interior.

Model: HG Sun RX 01
Price: $199 per pair

Buy it here

specsavers sunglasses by osiris


When the sun’s out, these summer classics will be your go-to pair. Featuring a deep square shape, the acetate structure is versatile in dark tortoiseshell and perfectly offset by bronze-coloured metal double bridge detailing. Wearing these beautiful designer frames will make you decidedly different and impossible to ignore.

Model: Osiris Victorious Sun RX
Price: 2 pairs from $199 single-vision

Buy it here

alex perry sunglasses

Alex Perry

Well known for his love of aviators, Aussie designer Alex Perry takes a well-known pilot style and adds his own twists for a modern take on a retro look. The tortoiseshell wrapped brow bar and khaki green acetate rims make a genuinely sophisticated statement. These bad boys are unlike anything else doing the rounds this summer.

Model: AP Men Sun RX 12
Price: 2 pairs from $249 single-vision

Buy it here

tommy hilfiger sunglasses by specsavers

Tommy Hilfiger

As one of the world’s leading designers, the frames in the Tommy Hilfiger collection embody a classic American cool style described as ‘preppy-with-a-twist.’ The top brow trend continues with these black frames offering a sharp look that goes even further with ‘stepped’ side detail and Tommy branding on a brushed steel plate at the temple.

Model: TH Sun RX 43
Price: 2 pairs from $249 single-vision

Buy it here

specsavers sunglasses by hackett


The Brits know refinement, so for a touch of classy summer style, try these on-trend round sunglasses from Hackett. Crafted from metal with stylish stripe detailing on the sides and with tortoiseshell acetate tips to complement the gunmetal colour, they’re suitable for dining alfresco and cruising the coast with the top down.

Model: Hackett Sun RX 01
Price: 2 pairs from $249 single-vision

Buy it here

Specsavers also offers a wide variety of lens options including polarising, tinting, ultra-thin and reactive lenses, so your new shades are perfectly tailored to your needs.

“I always recommend choosing polarised lenses,” adds Yvy. “It’s an option you’ll want: polarising cuts out the glare and is a must for the Australian summer.”

If you’re like us and love the flexibility of contact lenses and styling your look with a great set of frames, why not use both? Whatever your preference, Specsavers has a great range of options to suit – no matter your style and budget.

Check it out

*T&Cs apply

Seasonal Forecasts Challenged by Pacific Ocean Warming : Environment : Nature World News



The results, published today in Nature Climate Change, shed light on how the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) was responding to a changing climate, with implications for assessing multi-year risks to marine ecosystems, fisheries and agriculture.

The PDO is a decadal-spanning pattern of Pacific climate variability, operating in the Pacific Ocean, and exerting a substantial influence on global climate and marine conditions from the US and Japan to Australia and New Zealand.

The PDO has two phases, cold and warm.

During a PDO cold phase, the tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures are lower, and Australia’s decadal rainfall tends to be above average.

Under warm phases, the opposite occurs, with below average rainfall.

The PDO also modulates climate variations such as El Niño, which causes warm and dry conditions north west and east of Australia and is associated with heightened risk of bushfire and drought.

“When we’re in a Pacific Decadal Oscillation cold phase, El Niño is more likely to affect Australian rainfall and surface temperatures,” researcher Dr Wenju Cai from CSIRO’s Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR) said.

“With a less predictable PDO, it may be more difficult to predict the likely impact of El Niño.”

The research found that the PDO would become less predictable as the planet warms, because warming conditions result in a significantly shortened PDO lifespan.

An oceanic feature called upper ocean stratification causes upper ocean layers to warm faster than deeper ones.

Stratification intensifies under warming.

Rossby waves, an underwater wave feature, move faster in more stratified waters, which shortens the PDO lifespan further and reduces the time it has to gain strength and intensity.

Using various greenhouse gas emissions scenarios, researchers found that the predictability of the PDO sharply declined depending on the intensity of warming.

Although PDO cold phases are associated with colder tropical Pacific temperatures, cold phases manifest as warmer sea surface temperatures in the Tasman Sea and off southeast Australia.

Elevated sea surface temperatures can stimulate high production in fisheries, but may negatively affect other ecosystems through marine heatwaves and coral bleaching.

The results pose a challenge for predicting regional climates on multi-year timescales, as well as year-on-year climate variability.

“In our current climate, we can potentially predict the PDO approximately eight years ahead. That lead time will likely be reduced to three years by the end of the 21st century,” Dr Cai said.

The ability to accurately forecast the PDO helps decision-makers understand and plan for warm and cold oceanic conditions.

This knowledge can be used by fisheries and aquaculture sectors to manage production risks associated with these conditions, and likewise can support strategic and investment scale decisions by these sectors, as well as insurers, especially in assessing multi-year risks.

Long-term forecasts can also assist in planning conservation actions and harvesting levels that build the resilience of marine ecosystems to biological changes associated with environmental conditions.

“Because the Pacific Decadal Oscillation can span for some time – from a season, six months, or up to a decade or even more – the ability to predict changes to marine ecosystems on these timescales can help plan responses to shifts in fish distribution or abundance,” Dr Cai said.

CSIRO is currently developing skilled forecasting models to help guide decision makers manage risk under a warming climate.

“The findings will help us to mitigate the negative impact of greenhouse warming on the PDO. The next step will be to improve model systems to fully realise the potential predictability of the PDO,” Dr Cai said.

“Many people are familiar with the role that the El Niño-Southern Oscillation plays in climate but might be surprised that there are bigger forces at play like the PDO, which influences our marine environment, as well as climate extremes.”

The Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research is a $20 million five-year collaboration between CSIRO, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology with the University of Tasmania and University of New South Wales.

© 2018 NatureWorldNews.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

Nicole Kidman's winter jacket is perfect for the 2020 New Year's look



Nicole Kidman's winter smoking jacket is the shining fashion solution for the New Year 2020 look

If sequin dresses are a real guarantee for year-end parties, Nicole Kidman's outfit offers a valid alternative. The look was chosen for the screening of Bombshell, film based on the facts of 2016, when some employees of the Fox News broadcaster claimed to have been sexually harassed by former network CEO Roger Ailes.

The tuxedo certainly has a strong meaning: a male garment adapted to the female body. Between the lines you can read an important message that surely accompanies Jay Roach's film. The styling choice of the Oscar-winning actress is therefore not just a question of aesthetics.

The subtle message has passed through the stylistic codes of (Yves) Saint Laurent, which has tarnished the history of fashion with a strong and powerful image: that of an androgynous woman, wearing a tuxedo suit.

Seeing the recent looks, like Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham, this mannish suit is being revived a new golden age: time where women choose tuxedos for pleasure (so a fashion choice for its own sake) as well as for communicating a message. The power node is, perhaps, the girl power: one can be feminine and feminist.

And that's it shining winter jacket, covered with precious crystals, to become the essence of a femininity that wants to amaze without showing, without compromising. And we find it (simply) fabulous …

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