Nails 2020: manicure, nail art and spring summer trends



    Nail 2020: everything you need to know

    During the fashion week it often happens that manicure is nail art take the position of group shoulder to make-up and hair, and of course to the clothes. However, this was absolutely not the case for the fashion shows spring summer 2020. On several catwalks were the nails, not hair or makeup, to lord it (and to receive more like on social networks).

    Here is an overview of the 2020 nail trends (spring summer), to revive the colder months and make you arrive very early in the summer.

    1. The french manicure, re-edition of the Nineties

    The Nineties are back in vogue. From the replicas of Friends, to the revival of Cruel Intentions on Netflix, passing through the brown lipstick, the sunglasses to the Matrix and i baby carriers. As for nails, the French manicure has seen a long-awaited relaunch, but the new version has nothing to do with the square, long and flashy nails you used to wear.

    “I see people wearing cycling shorts, baby carriers and jackets with shoulder pads, so it's perfectly normal for one of the nineties nail trends to be back in fashion,” says New York nail artist Miss Pop, author of the spring summer 2020 manicure by Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung and Jeremy Scott.

    “This new design is not at all like the classic one pink-white french manicure and double we are used to. (Rather,) is an extension of the trend negative space – and forget to use a single shade, the nail is a canvas on which each color can take any form.

    The creation of Miss Pop for Prabal Gurung is very close to the traditional French. “I took the classic French manicure and made it modern using the negative space. Thanks to the Kit Naked Manicure Zoya, I highlighted the shades blush of the nail bed and made one tip ultra thin and sinuous white that it went to cover the natural white of the nail, lengthening it”, Specifies Miss Pop.

    The French manicure created for the Spring Summer 2020 show by Prabal Gurung

    From there, things get more daring. For the Oscar de la Renta show, Miss Pop took inspiration from the themed collection Caribbean, and has created one french manicure ombré bright using the Zoya enamel in the colors Arizona, Sawyer and Laurel, where normally the white tip is applied. “I called this Cuban French look, because it is a very fashionable manicure a You love me, my hometown “, says the nail artist.

    Ombré French Manicure for Oscae De La Renta Spring Summer 2020

    2. Nails inspired by the TV series “Euphoria

    Yes, months after its launch we are still obsessed with the series Euphoria produced by HBO. The expressive personality of the TV series has made itself felt in the exuberant and carefree make-up of the spring summer 2020 shows, but it is on the nails that we have really seen the principle of cause and effect. This translates into rhinestones, bright colors, glitter and nail art in all its forms. For Roland Mouret, the world famous nail artist Marian Newman recreated the motif in marble of the collection of extra-large jewels on nails.

    Marble effect nail polish and nails for Roland Mouret at the Spring Summer 2020 show

    © Luke Walker / BFC

    While for Julien MacDonald designed an effect reflective is metallic.

    Nails with a reflective and metallic effect for the Spring Summer 2020 show by Julien MacDonald

    For House of Holland, the nail artist Jenni Draper has replicated the eye makeup total glitter of the parade with one enamel with glitter of OPI. And to celebrate New York fashion week in a delirium of elaborate design, the manicurist Mei Kawajiri has used on nails rhinestone and painted hearts, butterflies and Scottish textures.

    Makeup and manicure with glitter from the House of Holland fashion show for Spring Summer 2020

    As for the colors, the palette of Euphoria is all-inclusive. “When people ask me what color would look best on their nails, I tell them to choose the one that attracts them the most and to enjoy it,” says Miss Pop. “After all, enamel is not a tattoo, lasts only a week or two. “

    3. Nail varnish nude and natural manicure

    As long as there is a request for a “see-I don't see” trick, there will also be shiny, healthy and neat nails. The look created by the nail artist Rita Remark for the collection Kate Spade spring summer 2020 is what every woman addresses when she wants to feel in order. The nails are left short and rounded, with only a hint of the edge of the nail on display, and nothing but a pass of the legendary Essie Mademoiselle enamel, the base and the top coat. Miss has been a basic element of fashion week for years and is still the neutral shade that enhances more any complexion.

    Nude nail polish (it is Mademoiselle by Essie) for the Spring Summer 2020 show by Kate Spade

    Remark has recreated this feeling of simplicity – although with a longer and retro-shaped nail shape Veronica Beard, using a combination of natural colors from the nuances pink.

    Natural colors and pink shades for the manicure by Veronica Beard proposed for Spring Summer 2020

    The nails incredibly elegant and almost flesh-colored by Simone Rocha meet all our expectations – made by the London-based manicurist Ama Quashie, the nails remain short, painted with enamel Kure Bazaar in the shade French Rose, and decorated by a simple bead. That pearl opens a whole new world to nail care.

    Very sophisticated nude effect for the manicure that Simone Rocha showed for Spring Summer 2020

    In order to afford this impeccable look, one must have the same care in preparation and in the final phase. “Nails and skin must be hydrated with cuticle oil. It is a reinforcer and keeps the cuticles. I always apply a little cuticle oil before an important meeting, so it looks like it just came out of the salon with a brand new manicure, “says Miss Pop.

    4. Extreme Nail Art, impractical, but that leaves the sengo

    Although the nail design of this season include all kinds of inspiration, experiments with colors, art and finishes, there is a detail that made it the master: the length. With colored nails raspberry (using the Essie enamel) of Naomi Yasuda for Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya, to the form a stiletto of the claws of Mei Kawajiri for Tom Ford, the ideal size is long and impractical (but in the end it is worth every inconvenience).

    Super long and stiletto nails for Tom Ford's Spring Summer 2020 collection

    “I think every kind of length is beautiful and gives the opportunity to make an elegant design,” says Miss Pop. “Personally, I prefer a Oval that extends beyond the tips of the fingers. I think this is the best way to stretch them. ”Long nails will not limit your choice of color or design; the tips bright at the Oscar de la Renta show, plots psychedelic by Jeremy Scott and the lengths transparent of Halpern I am the proof.

    French manicure colored and on the contrary, with long nails and transparent tips: here is the nail art spotted by Halpern at the Spring Summer 2020 show

    The easiest way to get long nails without resorting to fake ones is to make yourself gel, because strengthens the natural nail, reducing the chances of breakage.


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