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How To Include Pets In Your Wedding Day

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Pets are an extremely important part of our lives, so why not include your pets in your wedding day? Make it an extra special day for all members of the family…furry ones included. Pets offer unconditional love, a type of love that is expressed as a theme throughout every wedding. Check out our tips on how to create an adorable inclusion of your pet without adding stress and worry to your big day.

Your Best Friend’s Assistant…

If you’re worried about the stress of looking after your pet on your special day, there are “pet assistants” that can help relieve the responsibility of caring for your pet on a day. After all, you have enough to worry about! First Class Pet Wedding Assistants offer a number of packages and services to assist you with the logistics of including your pet in your wedding day.

Paw-fect Pictures…

Whether it’s before or after the wedding, a photo with your pet on the special day will be a memory to cherish forever. Make your heart feel warm and fuzzy for years to come as you look back on all your pawfect pictures. Eternalise your love for you and your pet in a photo or several photos on your ultimate day of love.

Ridiculously Cute Ring-bearers…

A dog is often described as a “man’s best friend” so who better to include as part of the ceremony. And if it wasn’t cute enough already, consider the addition of a bow tie or a floral collar as your pet walks down the aisle.

Pet Escort…

It’s an untraditional method of walking down the aisle but definitely a modern and adorable choice. It is becoming an increasing trend to be escorted down the aisle by your pet. A pet is a perfect companion for the most important of occasions. This could mean walking alongside your dog or riding your horse to meet your groom… the possibilities are endless.

Photo Booth Fun…

Involve your pets in your photo booth props! This is such a fun and creative way to make sure your furry friends are popping up in lots of photos. Create cutouts and signs as props for your guests to pose in all their cute photos. That way, even if your pet isn’t there on the da,y they can photobomb all the photos. Who doesn’t love an adorable animal to help them feel the love!

Custom Cake toppers…

Want to include your pet on your cake? Why not organise to have a personalised cake topper that includes your pet! These could be a figurine or wooden topper which includes the two of you and your furry little friend. This is such a fun and discreet way to include your pet in one of the most important moments of the day.

Pets in your wedding

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Pet Inspired Decor

Channel the love for your pet in a big or small way throughout the day with a little keyring or cutout. Using them throughout stationary, decorations and table allocations are all thoughout ideas. Make it obvious or discreet as you intertwine your pet, using illustrations or photos of your pet throughout the day.

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