Harry and William: the real reasons for the quarrel



    While it is still not entirely clear if it actually does families of Harry and William are now totally divided, details emerge that, on the contrary, would not only give the thing as established but they would also reveal the background.

    Of course, the choice of Harry and Meghan spend Christmas away from the Royal Family little leaves to the imagination and indeed, after the statements made during the documentary on their journey to Africa (and the subsequent reaction of the Duke of Cambridge), it seems that the brothers are more distant than ever. But what is this split in the Royal Family?

    An explanation came from the revelations of an insider of Kensington Palace who declared that the stone of scandal, as always (from some statements to this side), would be just her: Meghan. The two brothers would have started fighting when William would have advised Harry not to run too much with Meghan with the consequence of really annoying the Duke of Sussex.

    However, this last “drop” caused an already overflowing vase to overflow: on the one hand, in fact, it seems that Harry hardly endures the fact that William is already acting, thinking and preparing to be King of England. To this is also added the departure of Christopher Geidt, Assistant Queen's Private Secretary, who for years had played the role of peace between the two boys and, at the same time, had also solved several frictions that they had with the father of the two, Charles, with whom the princes have always had a complicated relationship.

    Nor can it be denied, however, that the two brothers, today as today, have had to face an adolescence marked by the tragic death of their mother and a “sudden” entrance into adulthood that has, with their having become husbands and fathers , changed further.

    Will harmony between the British Royals return? Certainly the balance has been upset and will have to find a new stability. Soon.


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