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Gorgeous Greenery – A Timeless Wedding Colour Palette


Choosing the right colour palette for your wedding is no easy decision. It is an element that must reflect you as a couple, fit the theme, the venue and be cohesive. With so many options, how could you possibly decide? Fear not, bring it back to basics and fall in love with gorgeous greenery.

Feeling floral…

No matter your theme, your flowers become a major part of the decor of a wedding. Therefore the decision in choosing your perfect bunch cannot be neglected. They are featured in almost every photograph with you, so there is no room for error! Although most arrangements already feature some green flowers as an accent, choosing an entirely-green bouquet is the perfect way to accompany your beautiful dress. The green acts as a subtle pop of colour and still lets your dress speak for itself. Green foliage comes in so many different variations, hence no matter your theme there will be a beautiful green arrangement that is perfect for you.

Natural backdrop…

Your wedding venue ultimately sets the stage for the big day, so a scenery must capture the essence of your ceremony. Whether you choose to utilise an expansive vineyard, a backyard with gorgeous green trees, or rather opt for an indoor ceremony, it is easy to achieve a natural feel in both. An outdoor wedding can often feel more serene and beautiful due to the vast amounts of open space. Therefore take advantage of the gorgeous greenery in nature, as it acts as a perfect backdrop and creates a dramatic contrast in wedding photos. When opting for a more intimate ceremony, incorporating greenery can create that ‘outdoorsy’ feel whilst remaining cosy inside.

Less is more…

The wedding cake is undoubtedly the star of your menu! Therefore adding green accents to this dessert is a treat for both your eyes and your tastebuds. There are so many options to choose from, with endless flavours, sizes, shapes and colours, its important to not disregard the beauty of simplicity. Adding some simple florals to your cake is an easy way to tie it into your theme and colour palette perfectly. Specifically, the use of green as your main floral accent brings in elements of nature and a pop of colour against a traditional white cake, while remaining clean, sleek and sophisticated.

Bring the outdoors in…

Whether you choose to have an indoor or outdoor reception, a green colour palette can create a sense of natural beauty even when indoors. An outdoor wedding reception integrates the charm of the surrounding green elements and creates a stunning backdrop for your function. The simplicity of green florals does not overwhelm, yet makes a statement. Using the colour in your indoor reception creates the illusion of the outdoors, giving a sense of romance, natural beauty and sophistication.

Dress to impress…

Deciding your bridesmaids’ dresses is no easy task, having to accommodate for several different people and take into account your needs to can become highly stressful. When picking a colour, various greens are a perfect way to bring in a pop of colour, yet not become too overwhelming. Muted green and sage are beautiful colours that complement most people’s skin tones, incorporates that romantic and natural element and most of all does not overpower your gorgeous dress!

Dazzling Decor…

Often find yourself hovering around the food table? That’s because food is generally the centre of every celebration! The colour green is associated with freshness, utilising green throughout your reception is the perfect way to create a sophisticated and clean area for your guests to enjoy the night. Using green pieces to embellish your table adds a beautiful detail that doesn’t overwhelm and take away from the romantic and natural sense of the night. This colour palette is the perfect way to balance both simplicity and detail.

A colour for all months…

With so many variations of the colour green to choose from, the colour extends beyond seasonal limitations. Light hues of green, such as pastel green or mint, mesh perfectly with the lightness of a springtime wedding. Whereas, a more bold green is best suited in the summer months for a pop of colour. In the cooler months, sage and dark greens coordinate perfectly with the dimmer light associated with the season. Green remains clean and elegant, integrating easily into any wedding no matter the time of year.

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