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Forkanife EDC stainless steel alternative to plastic cutlery


Alternative to plastic cutlery

Finding a suitable alternative to non-environmentally friendly plastic cutlery is becoming easier and one solution is Forkanife. Stainless steel compact cattery that is small enough to fit in your wallet and replaces harmful plastic utensils. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about their unique compact design.


“Forkanife, functional, sustainable cutlery, with a lifetime warranty for all Kickstarter backers. Inspired by experiences overseas, activist documentaries and political change, Cold4ged began working on concepts to reduce single use plastics. The Forkanife is a sustainable cutlery solution that can last a lifetime and is so compact, you can take it everywhere. “

“ If you don’t have room to carry regular cutlery, Forkanife easily goes with you everywhere. The high grade stainless steel is easy to use, easy to clean, there is really no reason to use single use utensils. North Americans average over 100 utensils per person, per year. There are other sustainable utensils on the market and we support their use. We wanted something you can always have with you without having to even think about it. It really does fit in most wallets and anywhere you could carry ID or a credit cards. You will never have to use harmful plastic cutlery and the stainless steel provides a better experience. “

Source : Kickstarter

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