Cat Saves Owner And Neighbors From Lansing Fire



    “It was like a movie. It was amazing! She was in his arms,” she said. “Kitty looked at me like she was mad because she was in this random guy’s arms.”

    “I went into what was left of her apartment,” Brad George, Lansing Fire Department deputy chief and Kitty’s rescuer, told The Dodo. “I opened her bedroom door and saw her bed and pillows against the wall. I started pulling the pillows back really slowly and I saw black fur. She was breathing. I was like, ‘She’s alive!’”

    George put Kitty in his coat and carried her out to Schafer. And that’s when Schafer learned of the incredible series of events that helped save her cat.

    When Schafer closed her bedroom door it slowed the fire, which is still under investigation, from engulfing her room.


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