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Cardi B enters politics


Of all the personalities who have emerged recently in the world of music, Thistles B it is certainly the one that has been able to impose itself most on the political front. The rapper, recently also featured in the film Hustlers, has repeatedly shown that he has no problem whatsoever in expressing his ideas in no uncertain terms: he has never made a secret of his intolerance towards the government of Donald Trump nor has he withdrawn when he c his solidarity with the deputy was to be expressed Ilhan Omar victim of racist attacks.

Now it looks like that Cardi B wants to make the big jump, applying directly for a government role. Although it may seem like a boutade like that of Kanye West who ran for the 2024 presidency, we are sure that the chances of Cardi B taking the field are greater: not only for the seriousness that the rapper has always shown when speaking of civil rights, but above all because Cardi B has demonstrated a managerial programming and planning ability that leaves no room for improvisation and pourparler.


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