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The National Library of France (BnF) displays the images created by the young photographers who won the Bourse du Talent award. The event, organized by Photographie.com and Picto Foundation, has become, over the years, an unmissable event dedicated to the recognition of the new emerging talents of contemporary photography. The award is divided into four sections: Portrait, Reportage, Fashion & transversality, Landscape.  Picto lab prints will enrich the collection of the BnF Department of Prints and Photography The awarded talents are: Nicola Bertasi, Alessandra Carosi, Huanfa Cheng, Matei Focseneanu, Tian Jin, Sébastien Leban, Nathalie Lescuyer, Nadège Mazars, Christophe Meireis, Flaminia Reposi, Nanjing Tang, Charles Xelot

We present here the Honourable mention in the Portrait section Alessandra Carosi, with her work “Reading the air”, A visual poem exploring the expression of emotion into Japanese society.

Reading the air by Alessandra Carosi

How can a Western translate the essence of the Japanese spirit? Beyond anthropology, Alessandra Carosi, European and Italian, speaks to us of a very intimate Japan. The one which is kept silent. The one that never reveals itself. Because even a flower will not tell you what it represents, 言 わ ぬ が 花. Thanks to photography Alessandra reveals the extreme Japanese gesture.  And there, without words, without superfluous discourses, her images flow through true human relationships, those that do not manifest themselves clearly, as the gaze goes elsewhere.

Closing your eyes by Alessandra Carosi

Photography perceives beyond words, embodies the Japanese motto of “Reading the air” 空 気 を 読 む, which means being able to understand a situation by sensing someone else’s feelings. Since in Japan people express way more with silence, it becomes necessary to read between the lines, understanding the situation without words. Photography with Alessandra Carosi turns itself into the spirit of Japan 気that this instant art captures so well.

Opening: Wednesday 18th December 6.30 PM from 20th December 2019/ to 29th March 2020
BnF François-Mitterrand Allée Julien Cain, Quai François-Mauriac, Paris
From Tuesday to Saturday 9>20 Sunday 13>19 Monday 14>20. Free entrance

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