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Best For Beginners

365 Everyday Value

Excellent Farro. If you’re new to farro, this is the perfect grain pack to start out with.

What we liked:

This fully organic bag of farro is an excellent source of fiber to incorporate into your diet. This grain is ready in 10 minutes making for easy, nutritious meals. 365 offers this farro in an 8.8-ounce bag making it a great size to start out with if you’re new to the grain. These grains are also certified vegan and kosher. Get it now.

Best Overall

Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries

USA Grown Farro. This top-quality farro is grown by a family-owned company ensuring top-quality grains with every purchase.

What we liked:

Palouse Brand grows its farro entirely in the USA ensuring top-notch quality. Notably, you’ll be told which field your farro was grown in for maximum transparency with your purchase. Each bag is 5 pounds making the farro easily last for multiple meals throughout the month. Best of all, these farro grains are made without any GMOs and are certified kosher. Get it here.



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