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A Yoga Practice for Taking Back Your Sexuality and Spirituality


There’s no time like the present to radically reframe your sexuality as spirituality. Most of society is caught up in the lower frequencies associated with sex—meaning most folks are focused on being purely physical, self-gratifying, and impulsive. Making your sexuality spiritual involves anchoring yourself in higher frequencies, such as devotion, reverence, and selflessly giving. The four principles and practices below, for how taking your sexuality back as an act of spirituality, come from Vedanta—the ancient philosophical teachings of yoga—and from my Sattvic and Sexy program, which teaches women how to be comfortable with themselves—with both the pure (sattvic) and the sexy parts of themselves. I’m going to tell it like it is… real, raw and honest.

My Sattvic and Sexy principles are ideally used in unison; not individually. See them as a collective—that build all aspects of a woman who confidently connects intimately with herself and her partners. A woman who acknowledges her challenges and sets healthy boundaries without feeling guilty.

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Sattvic and Sexy Principles and Poses

1. Be Courageous

Take ownership of your thoughts, words, and actions. Avoid judgement, blame, and competition. Choose to self-direct your present experience and design your desired future.

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