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10 of My Favorite Products from 2019


We’re wrapping up the year with some favorite products that I discovered or purchased this year. My favorite vacuum, a favorite pair of jeans, a really awesome jewelry hack and beauty product, and more!

A round up of favorite products from the year!

Last year I did a blog post at this time of year about my favorite purchases from 2018. They were all clothing related. 2018 was a year of working on my closet, and finding investment pieces. This year, we’ve moved three times, built a house, and furnished our home, so this year my list is favorite products. Many of them are not clothing related.

I love hearing about other people’s favorite products!

But I love looking at lists of favorite products or favorite clothing items, so I’m excited to share a few favorite products that have made my life a little easier and happier and better this year.

10 of my favorite products I purchased in 2019

magnetic necklace clasp with three necklaces

1. The Necklet.

This is an ingenious magnetic necklace clasp that allows you to put on and layer necklaces without any tangling or trouble. The magnet is so strong, and I’ve never once had it come unclasped in the six months that I’ve used it. And I swear, layered necklaces (no matter how delicate), never get tangled when you’re wearing this. It’s basically like magic. They have options for single, double, and triple, so you can use it for layering or not.

I showed it in this post I wrote about 8 ingenious products!

2. Docking charging station

When we built this new house, we had an outlet installed inside one of our cupboards so we could have a docking station hidden from view. We bought this DOCKING STATION from Amazon and it’s been amazing. We can plug my PORTABLE CHARGER, my APPLE WATCH, both of our wireless headphones, the kids’ iPad, and more in all at once.

It’s all hidden inside a cupboard outside our laundry room, and everything always stays fully charged — it’s the best! This charging station also comes with a variety of plugs that work for different devices (or you can use your own plugs for specific devices).

Black Madewell jeans

Ok, one clothing item made the list. I bought these black MADEWELL JEANS during the Nordstrom sale this year and they have been my go-to for the entire fall and winter. They’re so flattering, so comfortable, they fit like a dream, and they go with everything. If you’re in the market for a good pair of jeans, TRY THESE.

Also, if you’re not convinced, go read the reviews!!

Round Cheeseboard

We do a lot of charcuterie boards in our house, for parties or special occasions, etc. I have a big cutting board that I use pretty often for it, but I finally bought myself a ROUND CHEESEBOARD this year. It has gotten so much use!! I love how pretty it looks, and it’s great to pair with rectangular boards for a little variety.

This one is really nice but also affordable!

Amazon couch

When we decorated and furnished our loft in our new house, I knew I wanted a brown leather tufted sofa. Everyone has been crazy about the Article one, but it’s really pricey and I had heard it didn’t hold up. We found THIS ONE on Amazon that is basically identical and a fraction of the price. It’s the perfect color and is gorgeous.

You can see it in our loft RIGHT HERE.

Blue light glasses

I’ve shared about my BLUE LIGHT GLASSES a bunch of times, but honestly these are the best product ever. The countless hours I spend staring at a screen were really taking a toll on my eyes, and within a few weeks of using my glasses, I noticed a stark difference. My eyes don’t get fatigued like they used to, and when I look at a screen without my glasses on, I notice my eyes reacting differently to the light. If you don’t own a pair already, GET YOURSELF A PAIR (these are only $16!)

I also owned these ones before but I broke them!

Laser hair removal

Yep, I did it. I had been thinking about it for years, and when a groupon opened for a place in my area (and it had amazing reviews), I splurged and bought it for myself. I’m about 7 treatments in (of 9, I think), and it’s incredible. I get really bad irritation and razor burn on my bikini line during the summer from swimsuits, so I’d been waxing for years. But that’s so painful and so much upkeep, and it all grows right back, so this seemed like a much better solution and the results have been incredible. I’m so excited for next summer when I don’t have to worry about shaving while we live at the pool all summer!

45 day retinol

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my skin over the last year since we moved (hello, new climate, stress, etc), so I splurged and purchased this R45 package from BEAUTY BIO. It’s a retinol kit that gradually get stronger, and is supposed to help your skin regenerate, get smoother, and have less breakouts.

I did the challenge (45 days) during the summer, and WHOA. I totally noticed a difference. My skin was the best it had been in months while I was on this — I was so sad when it ran out! If you’re looking for a boost for your skin, this is for sure a good product to try.

Ring doorbell

I’ve heard rave reviews about the RING DOORBELL for years, and we finally got one for our new house. I hate answering the door when I’m home alone during the day, or even in the evenings when I don’t know who it is. This shows you a video feed (on your smartphone in the app) of who rang your doorbell, and also alerts you when there’s movement on your porch, so you’re more protected from package thieves. And there’s an option for two way audio so you can speak to someone on the porch without answering the door. You can get one right here!

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

I bought this CORDLESS VACUUM as a gift for Philip last year for Christmas and we actually kept it in the box until we moved into our new house four months ago (cause we moved in February and then moved 2 more times until our house was done). But DANG, I wish we’d had it all those other months! We installed it in our pantry so it’s always charged and ready to go, and it’s the perfect thing to clean up small messes in the kitchen. Also great for cleaning your car. It doesn’t replace our regular vacuum, but I love having both!

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